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Mercy is the natural and inevitable offspring of goodness and love. U.B. 2:4.4


The Urantia Book

Welcome to Urantia wiki! The goal of this site is to help those interested in The Urantia Book discover and understand the many concepts in the book, and share this material among readers.

What is The Urantia Book?

The book describes itself as the fifth epochally significant revelation to the mortals of Urantia. It presents enlarged and advanced concepts of truth in the hope of spreading cosmic consciousness and increasing spiritual understanding among all people on our planet.

The word "Urantia" is the name of our world, the 606th world in our local system where the evolutionary process culminated in the appearance of human beings. Detailed explanations

Where can I read it?

The Urantia Book's content is available free in the 'Book' section of this site, on the Urantia Foundation's site, at The Urantia Book Fellowship site, and a number of other Urantia Book related sites.

What does this wiki contain?

This wiki is new and as of yet contains few pages. It is planned to add a 'glossary' section for the book's many concepts, an 'artwork' section so that readers may share and enjoy photos, images, and music, and a 'contribution' section, which gathers essays, editorials, acknowledgments, and experiences about the book.

How can I help?

There are many ways to help expand this wiki! First, you need to register to this wiki; click on the "Log In/Create Account" link on the upper right of the Main page. Once you have registered you may create new pages, upload files, add new information, correct spelling and grammar errors, translate to your language... You may give suggestions, or take ownership over tasks to be done.

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