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Ksiȩga Urantii

Read the book

Witamy na tej wiki! The goal of this site is to help readers of the Urantia Book to understand the many concepts included in the book, and share material among readers.

Co Ksiega Urantii jest?

The book describes itself as the Fifth Revelation. It presents and enlarges advanced concepts of truth in the hope to spread the cosmic conscience and the spirituality on our planet.

Słowo "Urantia" to oznacza "Ziemia." It is called so by celestial beings that care for our planet.

Detailed explanations

Gdzie mogę ją przeczytać?

The book's content is available for free in the 'Book' section of this site, and also on the Urantia Foundation's site.

Co to wiki zawierać?

This wiki has just started and contains few pages. It is planned to add a 'glossary' section for the different book's concepts, an 'artwork' section so that readers may share and enjoy photos, images and music, and a 'contribution' section, which gathers essays, editorials, acknowlegments and experiences about the book.

Jak mogę pomóc?

There are many ways to help expand this wiki! First, you need to register to this wiki. Then, you may create new pages, upload files, add new information, correct spelling and grammar errors, translate to your language... You may give suggestions, or take ownership over tasks to be done.

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